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Craft Trade was founded in 2016 . Founder of Craft Trade Rohit Kedia Writes- ” I call this decade in India as the “Decade of Startups “ where we have seen
young and energetic people from nowhere came up with their business models and set the world on fire by their amazing understanding of business when no
one believed in those lads and rejected them by calling these revolutionists inexperienced and too ambitious. Can anyone Imagine India without Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Zomato, or even Bookmycab? For me the answer is an Outright No, I being a part of young India cannot even think how my world could have been if these businesses never existed. This excited and thrilled me to come up with a concept which can grab the attention of the market as I want to be a part of the bandwagon which is driving the Indian economy through technology, innovation and the most important of all the fresh and exploring minds which are looking at the world of possibilities rather than being negative about the prospects.
Tourism has a huge link with trade and India attracts large crowds and there is one thing which captures the mind and attention of the tourists and that is the
mesmerizing handicrafts of India. Handicrafts the word says it all. I mean who doesn’t love these beautifully crafted antiques, everyone is in search of  handicrafts so that they can make their house feel like home.
Who doesn’t like to decorate their house? Can you find any girl in the world who don’t have any liking for imitation jewelry? The answer to both the questions is a big “NO”. Every Man wants to create a “Wow” effect for its house and girls have a liking for imitation jewelry which gives them the luxury to wear unique designs of jewelry at a low price and still look more elegant and trendy. We will provide you all these things ranging from home décor items to imitation jewelry through our multimodal business house which is none other than Craft Trade.
Looking for handicrafts from different parts of India? Just don’t wait Visit Craft Trade which will be a symbol of resurgence of handicraft industry in India.
I Rohit Kedia the founder and CEO of “Craft Trade” would like to take you through this exciting journey of handicrafts world where you will be mesmerized
with the beauty and magnitude of the antiques provided by us which will leave
you spell bounded and curious about handicrafts. Other kids did drugs and I did crafts and I think I have made a better choice. Craft Trade will become a major destination for handicraft shoppers providing handicrafts from each and every corner of the country and when I say every corner it also includes the rural areas of our country where I see a lot of potential for handicrafts.
There is a segment of people in our country who are crazy for numbers and when it comes to cricket, Indians sometimes act smarter than the statisticians and
researchers. Ask them the amount of runs scored by Sachin Tendulkar and they will hit you back with accurate numbers and stats. So I thought why not try this out with handicrafts and put forward facts and figures related to the industry and this will be of the magnitude you have never imagined:
              1) Indian handicraft industry is 100 billion dollar industry worldwide (India Crafts, 2015). 
              2) Growth engine for small scale enterprises employing 6 million full time and part time artisans (Joydeep, 2013)
              3)Indian Handicraft Industry sees a growth rate of 20 percent every year (India Crafts, 2015).
              4) 1.51 percent of total exports from India comes from Handicraft Industry (India Crafts, 2015).
              5) 2.7 billion dollars of handicraft products were exported in 2013 (Joydeep, 2013).                                                                                                                                      6) 3.5 billion dollars of handicrafts products were produced in 2013 (India Crafts, 2015).                                                                                                                              7) Indian handicraft industry is highly fragmented which needs a business model which can showcase the true identity of Indian Handicrafts                                       (Soni, 2013).

I hope this information was interesting as well as astonishing to most of you and it must have cleared some of the myths and beliefs which were there in
your mind. This is just not a business idea but a well thought out gateway to success coming out of the box. I decided on starting this business when I saw one of my cousins acting as a small vendor to handicraft emporiums and supplying some of her arts to antique lovers in and around Jaipur which itself is a big hub of traditional Indian handicrafts and I made a decision of making it big in the handicraft industry through my own multimodal business on handicrafts and this is how Craft Trade was born.There has been a misconception regarding handicraft products in the consumer psyche that these antiques are high end products for high class people who love to decorate their houses with different sort of antiques. As they say “little knowledge is always dangerous”, I would like to clear those misconceptions which are not real as handicraft industry is not only confined to home décor items but it’s an ocean comprising of different kind of fishes of numerous colors and characteristics and home décor section is one fish out of many fishes in the ocean. Craft Trade will be working on a multimodal business like E-Commerce, B2B and B2C and will be having its own handicraft emporiums. We at Craft Trade will be giving a perfect platform to local artisans and craftsmen to showcase their talent via their products on our E-commerce portal and this does not end here these artisans coming from rural backgrounds and poor households can also benefit from B2C model wherein we can showcase their variety of products at our emporium. The margins are high in the handicraft industry and it’s really difficult to estimate the prices for handcrafted products which will be highly beneficial for Craft Trade and it will play with the margins to cater to the customer needs and will try to reach each and every household through its competitive pricing. Craft Trade will be dealing in various kinds of handicraft products like Paper Mache, wooden, seashell, imitation jewelry, stone, potteries, bamboo, paintings, sculptures, ceramic arts and many more which will be delivered to your door steps by us. These handicraft products will be coming from all over
the country covering Jammu & Kashmir to Kerala and Rajasthan to Arunachal Pradesh. Craft Trade will bring historical resurgence in the handicraft industry which is fragmented as of now and will be providing opportunities for the rural artisans, weavers and other people who are directly or indirectly engaged in
this industry. There is a famous saying “Money can’t buy you happiness but Happiness can get you money” and we at Craft Trade have conviction in this wise
saying which will never let us drift apart from serving our customers by providing them the best handicrafts from our country at low prices and we will also be taking care of the weaker section of our vendors coming from rural background by buying their products at market prices which will keep us in a different league of handicraft business that is unlike other handicraft companies which try to exploit their rural vendors by dictating their terms. This act of Craft Trade of keeping its customers and vendors in a happy mood will help it to earn brand image and identity (StartofHappiness, 2015).
Craft Trade will be starting its business with the helping hand which it will get form Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors. I don’t think arrangingfunds would be a great challenges as many of the investors are already searching for startups where they can put their money in and Craft Tradewould be an opportunity which they would never like to miss.

Craft Trade will give huge emphasis on its tagline which has been chosen after a lot of brain storming exercise as “Creativity at your home” which means
that Craft Trade will be the first handicraft company in India giving its customers to get their customized handicraft products according to the design, material of their choice via Craft Trade. That’s all folks. I will urge you to just try out Craft Trade for once and I bet you will never regret on the contrary you will be amazed with our customer services and the range of products we have in store for you.

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