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Craft Trade  working on a multimodal business like E-Commerce, B2B and B2C and  its own handicraft emporiums. We at Craft Trade will be giving a perfect platform to local artisans and craftsmen to showcase their talent via their products on our E-commerce portal and this does not end here these artisans coming from rural backgrounds and poor households can also benefit from B2C model wherein we can showcase their variety of products at our emporium.

The margins are high in the handicraft industry and it’s really difficult to estimate the prices for handcrafted products which will be highly beneficial for Craft Trade and it will play with the margins to cater to the customer needs and will try to reach each and every household through its competitive pricing.
Craft Trade start this business with the helping hand which it will get form Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors. I don’t think arranging funds would be a great challenges as many of the investors are already searching for startups where they can put their money in and Craft Trade would be an opportunity which they would never like to miss.
Craft Trade give huge emphasis on its tagline which has been chosen after a lot of brain storming exercise as “Creativity at your home” which means that Craft Trade will become No.1  handicraft company in India giving its customers to get their customized handicraft products according to the design, material of their choice via Craft Trade.

The mission of Craft Trade will be:

“Provide the best quality handicraft products to the customers which will be coming from different parts of the country with their own unique design and art”.

The Vision:

“To be an engine of resurgence in the handicraft industry by providing best quality craft work at reasonable price”.

The Values Craft Trade believes in:

> Recycling and Sustainability with eco-friendly practices.

Art and Crafts fills colors in your life.
Co-ordination with Vendors.

Improve Quality of life for rural craftsmen.

Customer at focus.

> Good and cordial relationship with employees.

Goals of Craft Trade:

> Providing best quality of craft work at competitive price to handicraft shoppers.

>To attain top position among its handicraft business rivals.

> To exercise ecofriendly practices and also manufacture craft work out of debris.

> To create a wider acceptability in the market by delivering handcrafted products at doorsteps.

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