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There is a segment of people in our country who are crazy for numbers and when it comes to cricket, Indians sometimes act smarter than the statisticians and researchers. Ask them the number of runs scored by Sachin Tendulkar and they will hit you back with accurate numbers and stats.

So I thought why not try this out with handicrafts and put forward facts and figures related to the industry and this will be of the magnitude you have never imagined:

> Indian handicraft industry is 100 billion dollar industry worldwide (India Crafts, 2015).

> Growth engine for small-scale enterprises employing 6 million full time and part time artisans (Joydeep, 2013)

> Indian Handicraft Industry sees a growth rate of 20 percent every year (India Crafts, 2015).

> 1.51 percent of total exports from India comes from Handicraft Industry (India Crafts, 2015).

> 2.7 billion dollars of handicraft products were exported in 2013 (Joydeep, 2013).

> 3.5 billion dollars of handicrafts products were produced in 2013 (India Crafts, 2015).

> Indian handicraft industry is highly fragmented which needs a business model which can showcase the true identity of Indian Handicrafts (Soni, 2013).

I hope this information was interesting as well as astonishing to most of you and it must have cleared some of the myths and beliefs which were there in your mind.

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