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 CSR activity helps in building a brand image and identity in front of the audience. These activities not only promotes your brand and creates a positive image in the eyes of the customers but also is a powerful tool to differentiate yourself from other competitors. India is on a resurgent mode now and there is a lot of positivity in the market with the launch of Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Drive) and it has become immensely popular amongst the youth and getting momentum. Craft Trade will also become a part of such a movement which is for a good cause and will be organizing its own Clean Drives in Mumbai in various locations and we will be starting this Clean Drive from Andheri. This drive will move forward and with the passage of a year we aim to clean at least 50 localities in Mumbai with the helping hand of common man.

Craft Trade had already organized a Clean Drive in Surat with the helping hand of Tapti Bachao Samiti to clean the Banks of Tapti River and I have attached certain photographs which depicts the work of Craft Trade in this movement.
We will also be organizing skill development on handicraft classes for rural and poor artisans and craftsmen which will help in the improvement of the handicraft products and will leave a long lasting impression on the customers.

Craft fairs and Exhibitions: Organizing Craft Fairs and Exhibitions will be a booster for Craft Trade and will help the company to earn quality customers and will also boost the sales for the company .Handicraft being a part of creative industry needs promotions and what can be a better medium to promote your handicraft products than Craft shows and Trade fairs. This medium will help us to meet genuine buyers for our products and with the exchange of business cards with the other participants from the same industry will help in building more contacts within the industry and will help on gauging new vendors for the business. People who go to these shows are genuine buyers and have a liking towards handicrafts and are not just window shoppers.

Creativity at your home: The tag line of the enterprise “Creativity at your home” will be a big promotional tool for the company as there is no other company in India which produces handicrafts on the Customized lines for the buyers. Customers will be sending their own design and will be telling us about the material from which they want their product which will be revolutionizing the art and craft industry.

Selling on other E-Commerce Portals: Craft Trade will not leave any stone unturned and will be promoting its products on almost all of the E-commerce sites which deals into handicrafts apart from its own E-commerce channel. This will help the company to reach to a broader base of Audiences and will promote our product and build a strong reputation in the market.

Advertisements: We will be advertising our products by using the creative talent of our team by making advertisements which are not based on jargons and bluffs but has a meaning this is because the target audience for our products are middle class and high class people who are sensible shoppers and don’t fall in the trap of silly advertising , Craft will be bold enough to not take services of any Superstar instead it will be making its rural and poor craftsmen and artisans as the face of our advertising campaign.

Craft Trade Week: Craft Trade will be selling its handicraft products at half the prices every year and this will be called the Craft Trade Week. Craft Trade week will be organized to celebrate the birthday week of Craft Trade Company and the logic and spirit which will drive us to celebrate us this week is our promise to deliver handicraft products at an affordable price. This week will be acting as a reminder for us that we are here to serve the craft loving audience and are not here just to make money and thus will enhance our values and strengthen our objectives which will help us to be focused on our goals.

Recycling: Craft Trade will take steps to promote recycling and we will be asking our customers to sell their garbage and debris like waste paper, rusted iron, and brass to our company and we will create beautiful and mesmerizing handicrafts out of the waste. This will stamp our authority in the handicraft industry and being a creative idea will be a big driver of our promotional strategies.

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