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Tourism has a huge link with trade and India attracts large crowds and there is one thing which captures the mind and attention of the tourists and that is the mesmerizing handicrafts of India.
Handicrafts the word says it all. I mean who doesn’t love these beautifully crafted antiques, everyone is in search of handicrafts so that they can make their house feel like home.

I Rohit Kedia the founder and CEO of “Craft Trade” would like to take you through this exciting journey of handicrafts world where you will be mesmerized with the beauty and magnitude of the antiques provided by us which will leave you to spell bounded and curious about handicrafts.

There is a segment of people in our country who are crazy for numbers and when it comes to cricket, Indians sometimes act smarter than the statisticians and researchers. Ask them the number of runs scored by Sachin Tendulkar and they will hit you back with accurate numbers and stats.

So I thought why not try this out with handicrafts and put forward facts and figures related to the industry and this will be of the magnitude you have never imagined:

>  Indian handicraft industry is 100 billion dollar industry worldwide (India Crafts, 2015).

> Growth engine for small-scale enterprises employing 6 million full time and part time artisans (Joydeep, 2013)

> Indian Handicraft Industry sees a growth rate of 20 percent every year (India Crafts, 2015).

> 1.51 percent of total exports from India comes from Handicraft Industry (India Crafts, 2015).

>  2.7 billion dollars of handicraft products were exported in 2013 (Joydeep, 2013).

>  3.5 billion dollars of handicrafts products were produced in 2013 (India Crafts, 2015).

> Indian handicraft industry is highly fragmented which needs a business model which can showcase the true identity of Indian Handicrafts (Soni, 2013).

I hope this information was interesting as well as astonishing to most of you and it must have cleared some of the myths and beliefs which were there in your mind.

Craft Trade is a multimodal handicraft business which  serving and catering to the needs of the arts and crafts lovers and its target customers would be the middle class and the high-class people who want to create an artistic atmosphere around them. Craft Trade will be providing various kinds of handcrafted materials which it will manufacture and source from various parts of our country which will cover almost each and every corner of India. The variants of handicrafts which will be under Craft Trade’s umbrella would be Paper Mache Products, Wooden Craft, Sea Shell arts, Imitation jewelry, Terracotta products, Stone Handicrafts, Ceramic Arts, Bamboo handicrafts, Sculptures, Paintings, and potteries. Our Business will be providing all these crafts at a price range which will satisfy the art and craft lovers and will crave them to buy handicrafts and decorate their houses.
The materials which will be used for making our handicraft products will be of supreme quality and the chances of wear and tear to our products would be minimal and we will also ensure that the crafts which we are sourcing from our vendors don’t lack in quality and proper guidance will be provided to them regarding the same.
Craft Trade will also be making a big move in the handicraft industry by asking people to sell their garbage which includes waste paper, steel waste, brass debris and other kinds of junk to our company which will be converted into beautiful handicraft products by our team of skillful artisans and craftsman. This move of Craft Trade will revolutionize the handicraft industry and also play a major role in Recycling Waste.

The tagline “Creativity at Your Home” will help our company to differentiate itself from the regular handicraft businesses and would give an option to our customers to ask for their customized handicraft products which will be manufactured according to their given design and the materials used for making these customized crafts will be chosen with the consent of our customers.

Craft Trade
will also solve the logistical problems which are associated with handicraft products as they are delicate and bulky sometimes by giving the customers a choice of home delivery of products at a nominal cost.

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